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Much of statistical modelling involves shuffling around operations on stochastic variables — i.e. on their probability distributions. This can be tricky stuff: it either involves loads of manual lifting with fully discrete distributions or clever analytic methods for continuous ones. This is complicated enough that most of basic and intermediate-level applied statistical analysis is done […]

Guido is wrong: “Each jazz musician when he

Mikael Johansson (whom I admire enough to have mentioned in my “about” page as one of the people I’d like to be more like, but am not) took the silly text generator from that post from a few hours ago and changed it to select random word bigrams, hence producing apparently more meaningful text. Not […]

In the spirit of keeping a hacking journal — and toning the “functional john dvorak” tone — we exhibit a silly probabilistic text generator I worked on this morning. module Main where import Probability import Data.Char import Control.Monad Probabilityis Martin Erwig’s Probabilistic Functional Programming. I’m cleaning it up, haddockizing it and might cabalize it sometime […]

The debate about adding closures to Java has spawned a curious debate about the role of explicit loops, recursion and higher-order list combinators. I wonder why no one has stepped up in defense of GOTO yet. Misguided Java snob Elliot Harold harangues fist and teeth against progress in computer languages: I don’t know what it […]

Even a complete idiot like me can write a simple parser in 20 minutes in Haskell. While basically killing off time, it struck me that I wanted an english-to-nadsat translator. Wikipedia pointed me to this page, where there is a translator for Windows. The very same page has the dictionary it uses, in the following […]

Just posted this to haskell-cafe. I’ve probably done a horrible job at expressing myself, but gah, let’s not hoard ideas. Watching the questions go by in #haskell, a still fuzzy but possibly pregnant idea popped up in my mind. Someone needed a nubBy function that returned an unique list modulo an arbitrary function foo. Well, […]