This might or might not qualify as a theorem prover


Just been implementing sentential logic as I progress through the textbook.

module Main where
import Control.Monad

data Formula a =
			 Prim a
			 | (Formula a) :+ (Formula a)
			 | (Formula a) :* (Formula a)
			 | (Formula a) :-> (Formula a)
			 | Not (Formula a) deriving Show

(<->)  :: (Formula a) -> (Formula a) -> (Formula a)
a <-> b = (a :-> b)  :* (b :-> a)
inv (a :-> b) = b :-> a

showP (a,b) = show a ++ "====>" ++ show b ++ "n"
showF = putStr . unlines . map showP . map (k->(k, truth k))

bools =  fmap Prim [True, False]

arity1 f = map f bools
arity2 f = liftM2 f bools bools
arity3 f = liftM3 f bools bools bools

solve arity f = map truth (arity f)

taut1 f = all (==True) (solve arity1 f)
taut2 f = all (==True) (solve arity2 f)
taut3 f = all (==True) (solve arity3 f)

contr1 f = all (==False) (solve arity1 f)
contr2 f = all (==False) (solve arity2 f)
contr3 f = all (==False) (solve arity3 f)

conting1 f = (not (taut1 f)) && (not (contr1 f))
conting2 f = (not (taut2 f)) && (not (contr2 f))
conting3 f = (not (taut3 f)) && (not (contr3 f))

equiv1 f g = all (==True) (zipWith (==) (solve arity1 f) (solve arity1 g))
equiv2 f g = all (==True) (zipWith (==) (solve arity2 f) (solve arity2 g))
equiv3 f g = all (==True) (zipWith (==) (solve arity3 f) (solve arity3 g))

consistent arity1 f arity2 g = any (==True) (zipWith (&&) (solve arity1 f) (solve arity2 g))

conseq prem1 prem2 concl = ((prem1 :* prem2) :-> concl) 

truth :: (Formula Bool) -> Bool
truth (Prim z) = z
truth (a :+ b) = (truth a) || (truth b)
truth (a :* b) = (truth a) && (truth b)
truth (Not a) = not (truth a)
truth (a :-> b) = ((truth a) == (truth b)) || (truth a == False) 

-- some examples
-- to print a truth table, use
-- showF $ arityN example
-- where arityN depends on the number of arguments.
-- or use tautN, contrN, etc. ex: taut1 lem

lem x = (Not (Not x)) <-> x
xor x y = (x :* (Not y)) :+ ((Not x) :* y)
hiti a b = (a :* b) :-> b
gligli a b = (a :+ b) <-> (b :+ b)
compli c = ((c <-> c) :-> c) :* (Not (c :-> c))
minv m n p = m :* (n :+ p)

7 Responses to “This might or might not qualify as a theorem prover”

  1. 1 augustss

    It’s some kind of theorem prover. 🙂

    Do you have some future expansion in mind that made you parametrize Formula?

    BTW, a simplification:

    truth (a :-> b) = not (truth a) || truth b

  2. 2 augustss

    BTW, you can write an overloaded taut that works for any number of arguments.

  3. 3 syntaxfree (on the run)

    Well, yeah. This is the “Mortality of Socrates” theorem:

    *Main> taut3 (\s h m -> ((h :-> m) :* (s :-> h)) :-> (s :-> m))

    Yay my first theorem prover!

  4. Modus ponens:

    *Main> taut2 $ \a b -> ((a :-> b) :* a) :-> b

    Modus tollens:

    *Main> taut2 $ \a b -> ((a :-> b) :* a) :-> b

  5. Oops. Modus tollens:

    *Main> taut2 $ \fire oxygen -> (( fire:-> oxygen) :* (Not oxygen)) :-> (Not fire)

    Affirming the consequent:

    *Main> taut2 $ \f o -> (( f:-> o) :* o) :-> f

    Denying the antecedent:

    *Main> taut2 $ \f o -> (( f:-> o) :* o) :-> f

    False syllogism:

    *Main> taut3 $ \socrates cat mortal -> ((cat :-> mortal) :* (socrates :-> mortal)) :-> socrates :-> cat

  6. 6 ChristianS

    “(==True)” is the same as “id”,
    “all (==True)” is the same as “and”,
    “all (==False)” is “not . any”.

    “consistent” seems wrong with the possibility to give two different arities.

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