A quick me-too and a suggestion


First of all, let me get this out of my system:

\frac{\partial u}{\partial q_1} = \cdots = \frac{\partial u}{\partial q_n}

Ok, now I have one more reason not to move out from WordPress.com

The LaTeX people should, by now, have a simple “web” version of LaTeX that can be easily installed by dropping files in your cgi-bin directory. The vast majority of people with hosting services that won’t grant them shell access can’t ever have LaTeX because the current distributions are so desktop-oriented.

One Response to “A quick me-too and a suggestion”

  1. 1 Greg Buchholz

    Well, for the simple stuff, there’s always unicode…

    ∂u ∂u
    —— = ⋯ = ——
    ∂q₁ ∂q

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