“But I/O is all I do in my web app. Why should I use Haskell?”


Well, use Rails, then. It seems to me that’s how I’d do a web app right now — the meaty logic would be in Haskell, and who cares about the rest anyway? At least Rails scaffolds it away.


2 Responses to ““But I/O is all I do in my web app. Why should I use Haskell?””

  1. I agree. And I am using Rails for my web apps.

    One thing Haskell is good at revealing is problems where you have to do a lot of thinking. Web apps are complex, but mostly in a database/business logic way, not in a truly hard problem way. But then again, where are the apps written in Haskell? There’s darcs…

    IO may not be the whole story, but programs have to be interacted with somehow. If Haskell were only good for command line apps, it would be a real shame. There’s a lot of interesting research going into making fancy GUIs but not much stable in that department either. But it should be obvious that Haskell won’t survive long if people can’t write the kinds of apps they need to write, and these days that’s pretty much web apps and GUI apps.

  2. 2 Utopiah

    Im thinking about learning Haskell right now but if I can’t use it with Web display (for users) and interact with Web Services (for agents) it’s throwing it out of the picture (unfortunately). Any news regarding those specific usages ?

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