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Just posted this to haskell-cafe. I’ve probably done a horrible job at expressing myself, but gah, let’s not hoard ideas. Watching the questions go by in #haskell, a still fuzzy but possibly pregnant idea popped up in my mind. Someone needed a nubBy function that returned an unique list modulo an arbitrary function foo. Well, […]

I’m undergoing a somewhat involved medical investigation, and it’s starting to annoy me the ammount of repetition involved. The doctor first spends a few minutes typing out the description of a detailed blood exam. At the lab, the receptionist spends another ten minutes typing out the exam description for their system. Medication is about as […]

Introduction: we’ve had smarter language wars than this Judging from the blogs — at least from Reddit, which is where I get my daily dose of blog — functional programming is frankly on the rise. Part of it probably is due to OOP’s failure to materalize its promise of easy-to-maintain, flexible, reusable code. Part of […]

I was thrilled to find out about Pancito today, a simple-to-use Haskell library for functional image manipulation. In Pancito, images are functions from a Point datatype to a Colour type. Slow, but fun. As a quick showcase, this is a simple color filter in Pancito: module Main where import Pancito2 import Colour import Common import […]

Abstract for Haskellers: This is a long, involved defense of purity, both in terms of what it affords us in terms of power and in how it enforces “good” programming practices. Haskell is often defined in terms of what it cannot do: variables can’t be changed once declared, the results of IO computations can’t directly […]

I was solving some programming puzzles today, and found myself pining for Map comprehensions. Maybe there should be a Comprehensible class that’s automatically mapped to comprehension syntax. It’s rather odd to have them only for lists. That would be both more general and more elegant than just bringing back monad comprehensions. Is there any obvious […]

There has been a raging debate (just watch Reddit!) on static vs dynamic typing and programming language choice these days. Most participants seem honest enough to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each typing scheme — dynamic typing requires less grunt “typing” work but is significantly less “safe” than static typing — but don’t […]

Et tu, Brute


Ralf Lämmel is researching type classes in Java. In a sense, Haskell is winning, as its features are half-adopted by the mainstream languages who have no urgent competition-led business in adopting features. Maybe Haskell is the new Lisp, and the world will be dragged kicking and screaming halfway to Haskell in the next 20 years, […]

It was discussed on the IRC channel for a while, though.


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